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Newsletter ~ September 2007

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Yeah, I know. It's about damned time! I've only been talking about creating a newsletter for two years. Procrastination is not just a river in Egypt, right? (That, in case you were wondering, was a joke.) Now you know the reason I've stalled for so long. I totally suck at pimping myself in delightfully entertaining ways. I can make a wicked banner, but when it comes to witty banter ... well, I gots no mojo. I figure it's time to own that sad fact and get on with it.

So, what prompted me to finally do it? Simple, really. I needed something to keep me from jumping into the blog-o-sphere fracas surrounding the latest e-publisher implosion. I got sucked into it a bit earlier this month at Dear Author but managed to extricate myself before (I hope) sounding too much like an anti-RWA zealot with an e-ax to grind. But, whatever. Onward...

I'm sure both the frequency and layout of this missive will evolve over time, but I gotta start somewhere. This is somewhere.

New Releases [TOP]

Coming Together: For the CureAugust saw the long awaited e-release of Coming Together: For the Cure from Phaze, which I edited. It's a collection of diverse erotic fiction by an incredible group of authors, and all proceeds from its sale benefit Susan B. Komen for the cure. My story "Butterfly" is included, as well as stories by Jolie du Pré, Jeremy Edwards, Selena Kitt, Laurence Doyen, Harley Stone, Amelia June, Kis Lee, Sommer Marsden, Savannah Reardon, James Buchanan, G.C. Rider, Lisabet Sarai, Kelly Maher, Sammie Jo Moresca, Tomas Ohand, Vincent Diamond, Kate Burns, Robert Buckley, and Carys Weldon. It's a kick-ass anthology, if I do say so myself. (I just entered it into the EPPIE award competition.)

We have the lovely & talented ladies from ScrapFairy Designs to thank for donating a BookPeek video, and All Romance eBooks for featuring the title on its site and for donating its commissions on the sale of this title through the rest of the year. (Watch for ARe's September 28 issue of its Wildfire newsletter for a special interview with a few of For the Cure's authors, too!)

And there's a phenomenal grassroots promo campaign ongoing thanks to the wonderful Alison Kent, who started it by hosting a blog comment contest. Be sure to visit all the participating blogs and leave a comment for the cure on each. It's free and easy and you might just win something.

~ * ~

Bound for Success

Bound for Success, the sequel to Artistically Inclined, was released on September 3rd. As with all of my and Will's work, it is not necessary to read the precursor to understand & enjoy its sequel. We highly encourage readers to do so, though, simply because they're damned good novellas!

Le blurbáge:

Pittsburgh artist Cyndi Ellington is all keyed up over her first solo exhibit. It's opening night. How will her lover, Kevin Rogers, take the edge off her anxiety?

Pick up this spicy new $3 e-novella (ISBN 1-59426-749-9) from Phaze, FictionWise, or All Romance eBooks. And please do drop me a note at alessia [at] eroticanthology [dot] com & let me know what you thought of it!

Interviews & Appearances [TOP]

My partner, Will Belegon, and I recently completed a joint interview with Fallen Angel Reviews. Hop on over there and check it out. We also did a month-long gig as featured authors on the Coffee Time Romance forum back in June. There's lots of interesting detail about our collaborations posted there for you to peruse at your leisure.

Passionately Pink - For the CureAlso online, a fundraising event to accompany the October print release of Coming Together: For the Cure. Throughout the month of October, dress your site and/or blog in PINK in support and join the Coming Together team by making a donation in any dollar amount. Just click on the graphic to go to the team page.

Offline, I'll be attending the La Jolla Writers Conference in November, EPICon in March, and Romantic Times in April. No other offline events are scheduled at this time. That, of course, is subject to change.

In the future, I hope to use this space to ask my colleagues a few questions. (You'd think I'd be prepared after two years of thinking about this, huh? Not.)

Blogging, Free Reads, etc. [TOP]


Bleep! is the collaboration that started Will & I on our partnership path. It's available as a free PDF download from our site, Artistically Inclined.

On my MySpace, be sure to catch the hilarious video entitled The The Impotence of Proofreading. I am cereal!

On my promo blog, there's a great new review of Switch, which won the 2006 Preditors & Editors Short Story poll.

On my poetry blog, you'll find two new poems: quest and wither. (I seem to have an aversion to capital letters in my poetry lately.) There are also a few new snippets of prose and some posters & cards I created from my free verse that are available via my Café Press shop.

Speaking of poetry, I have a handful of poems in ...

Poetry [TOP]

Phaze in VersePhaze in Verse :: A collection of poetry by the authors of Phaze, edited by Kally Jo Surbeck (ISBN 978-1-5942-6760-4)

Poetry has long been a short form method to story telling. Morals, epic tales, even desperate pleas for understanding have been recorded through the ages in verse. And yet, somewhere along the line of our technologically advancing society, it seems those small intimate pleasures are growing lost. Poetry is love, life, and feeling breathed into words. Our shared experiences, emotions, dreams… Today, we are pleased to present to you a fine collection of poetry. This is not just iambic pentameter or rhymed. It is not only free verse or measured. This is a comprehensive collection of a wide variety of tastes, styles, and passions. Just like our readers.

There is a little bit of something for everyone.

Available both digitally and in print!

Featured Backlist Title [TOP]

Artistically InclinedArtistically Inclined
ISBN 1-59426-950-5
Phaze, January 2007 ($3)

Blurb:  Determined not to repeat past mistakes and allow their sex life to become stale and repetitive, Cyndi issues Kevin a Valentine's Day challenge to exchange fantasy lists. His response provides the canvas for an evening of daring inclinations and passionate creativity.

Audiotalo from Enchanted Ramblings says:  "This is easily one of the best contemporary erotic novellas I've read in a long time. ... With sexual tension buzzing throughout, a threesome and some m/m action, this is one hot read. Recommended!"

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