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Newsletter ~ February 2008

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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're each swept off your feet with romanticism. If not, I hope you find fulfillment in making someone else's day extra special. Barring that, just try not to strangle anyone, 'kay?

It's hard to believe another month has passed already. But, if a month's gonna fly by, I'd prefer it be in the dead of winter. Spring will be here before we know it. Yay! With spring comes warmth and blossoming trees and sweet scents on the air. I'm ready.

An update on the year-end polls:

The Preditors & Editors polling ended on January 15th, and I landed in the Top 10 in three categories:

Preditors & Editors 2007 Readers Poll - Top 10

Preditors & Editors 2007 Readers Poll - Top 10

Preditors & Editors 2007 Readers Poll - Top 10








Alas, Coming Together: For the Cure barely missed the Top 10, landing at #11. The full list of results are posted on my blog. Thank you to all who voted -- whether for me or for someone else.

At eCataRomance Sensual, the polls closed on January 31st. I'm thrilled to report that a couple of my Literotica-to-Phaze colleagues, Rob Graham and Wendy Stone, won their categories quite handily! I didn't fare as well, but each site has a different readership, so I'm hardly disappointed with the results.  The free publicity of a nomination makes it all worthwhile.

I also have nominations for a Passionate Plume and a LORIE (awards from different chapters of Romance Writers of America), a Lambda Literary Award, and *slaps forehead* another one that I can recall right now. The memory, it be slipping. And, of course, the EPPIES will be awarded at EPICon in less than a month. It'll be my first trip to the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking forward to it, whether Coming Together: For the Cure wins or not!

In celebration of the entire Coming Together series, I created a promotional video. It's on both YouTube and MySpace, and it's also a nominee for the New Covey Trailer Awards. Please make a point to vote for #14 during the last week of February!

Until next time ...

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

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New Releases & Coming Soon [TOP]

Coming Together: Out LoudIt was a month of new audio ventures. Coming Together: Out Loud is the voice of Coming Together, featuring downloads of its authors and poets reading their material. It's housed in a MySpace store.

Brio Bytes is my personal audio MySpace. There are poems and excerpts available both for download and/or to add to MySpace profile pages. I don't really expect to make any money this way, but I figured it was yet another way to promote my written work.

On the writing front, I've been chipping away on Succorae, my Pittsburgh-based novella in the Urban Phaze line. It's slow going. I'd like to finish it by the end of May, but that's probably unrealistic given the upcoming conventions and edits to Coming Together: With Pride.


Artistically BoundMaking its debut at ROMANTIC TIMES:
Artistically Bound
ISBN 978-1-59426-889-2
Phaze, June 2008 (trade paperback)

Together in one volume, Brio & Belegon's most successful novellas. This print compilation brings together ebooks Artistically Inclined and Bound for Success. Also included is a chunk of Erotique to whet the readers' appetite for another of their popular couples, Mandy & Bruce.


~ * ~ Coming Together: With Pride

COMING in JUNE 2008 from PHAZE:
Coming Together: With Pride
ISBN 978-1-59426-891-5 (ebook) / 978-1-59426-892-2 (print)

Introduction (Rachel Kramer Bussel) | Today (Kally Jo Surbeck) | Raven (James Buchanan) | A Girl's Best and Earthy Things (Heather Fowler)| Dom at the Bar (Mari Freeman) | Echoes of the Past (Mychael Black ) | A Brief Discourse... (P.S. Haven) | When the Angels Fall (Helen Madden) | Customer Service (Eon de Beaumont) | Nuit Blanche (Giselle Renarde) | Western Pleasure (Shanna Germain) | Chemistry (Lisabet Sarai) | Fire and Ice (Cassie Exline) | An Early Winter Train (C. Sanchez-Garcia) | Selling Foxx (I.M. Cupnjava) | Be Prepared (Storm Grant) | Freedom to Serve (Nicole Gestalt) | The Personal Is Political (Jean Roberta) | Past Perfect (Alessia Brio) | About Coming Together (Alessia Brio)

~ * ~

Interviews & Appearances [TOP]

On February 6th, Lucrezia Magazine published an in-depth interview with me about Coming Together. It's a fabulous piece. Do please check it out!

The weekend of 9-10 February, I joined authors Eden Bradley and Lillian Feisty on the Passionate Ink forums to present a workshop entitled "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about (Writing) Sex but Were Afraid to Ask." It went very well, and we're looking forward to doing it in-person at the Romantic Times BOOKlovers Convention in 2009.

As I mentioned earlier, EPICon, is March 6-9 in Portland. Yes, Oregon. In addition to presenting the award for Best Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal, I'll be collecting my ARIANA and Dirk A. Wolf cover art awards. And, hopefully, a QUASAR and/or EPPIE(s). If I was being ultra confident, I'd pack a postage-paid box and bubble wrap in which to ship all those heavy glass trophies back to Pittsburgh. *wink* And, I'm not even gonna think about the possibility of winning EPIC's "Friend of ePublishing" award for Coming Together.  That's just... just... too much.

ebooks banner

Blogging, Contests, Free Reads, etc. [TOP]

On the promo blog, an announcement of Fictionwise's annual romance sale (accompanied by PostSecret's Valentine video), the P&E poll results, a blurt about my Succorae protagonist, the Lucrezia Magazine interview, Obama's Yes, We Can video, and news about a presentation I did on the Passionate Ink forums along with Eden Bradley & Lillian Fiesty entitled "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about (Writing) Sex but Were Afraid to Ask."

At MySpace, even the Thursday Thirteens are sporadic. I've been a bad, bad blogger this month. A meme, a pro-choice thingy, and the political video round out the posts.

Poetry [TOP]

On the poetry blog this month, I posted an old 1st/2nd person scene called 30 Seconds, the P&E poll results, a fairly decent new poem called Sunday Mornings (the audio of which is cross-posted to Brio Bytes on MySpace), and a piece of embarrassing, self-indulgent crap called Where.


Featured Backlist Title [TOP]

ISBN 978-1-59426-558-7
Phaze, April 2006 ($2 ebook)

Erotique's Mandy and Bruce are back! When these playful lovers experiment with a new toy during a powerful thunderstorm, they experience sex in a whole new way.


In print as part of ArtiFactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique!

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